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    vApp deploy and launch from studioCLI

    aaber Novice


      I would like to automate the deploy and launch of vApps I build on site using VMware studio 2.6.

      I managed to deploy a vApp from the command line using the following command:


      studiocli --uploadovf --type vcenter --host vc --port 443 --username elvis -p graceland --datastore vol1 --datacenter dc --managedhost the.king.com \

         --network vlan77 --ovf /build/export/ovf/vapp.ovf --name autodeploy63 --resourcepool vapp-test --verbose --overwrite


      I would like to turn on the vApp after it's deployed but I can't find this option in the command line arguments, Is this possible?

          The option I need from the command line is availble in the vCenter GUI: