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    Ubuntu 12.10 Crashes on Boot

    shortchange Lurker

      I'm using vmware fusion 5.0.2 and I'm trying to create a ubuntu 12.10 x64 vm, but vmware freezes right when i log in.


      I can use the vmware easy install just fine and it'll run through the install process for me. Once completed, the vm restarts and I'm asked to enter my password. Right after I enter my password I get a message saying vmware has encountered an error and has to shut down the virtual machine.


      I've tried installing the 32 bit version of ubuntu and it still crashes. I've also tried not using the easy install and selecting "try ubuntu" instead of the install and it will also crash. I can't seem to get to the desktop.


      I'm using a 15 inch macbook pro retina.


      I've uploaded the report to this thread.