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    Obtaining Dev Copy of VM

    MMazurkiewicz Novice

      What is the best way to obtain a dev copy of a VM from ESX 4.0?  This isn't quite as simple as just doing a copy/migrate to a different ESX/ESXi server or into VMWare workstation though.  The production system that I want to get a dev copy of runs Linux, and has a data store that has remote disk space on the SAN.


      When I've pulled an image using the standalone migration tool all I've been able to get is just the Linux OS core files, the data files that are on the remote data store on the SAN are a critical part of the upgrade that I need to test before applying it in my production environment so I'm just looking for a best practices for trying to get the whole server.


      I did look at the option of using my backup system for restoration, but in my dev environment I will be limited to just a stand alone server without the remote disk that is in my production environment.  Since I keep running into this issue I figured that I'd see what I can find from the VMWare front while I also contact my backup solution's support to see if they have an answer as well.  Thanks