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    vmkcore disk partition and profile questions

    powadha Novice

      I'm setting up a diskless auto deploy cluster and run into a small problem.

      The first node is starting nicely and after configuring network and storage (iSCSI & NFS) I get the Configuration Issue: No vmkcore disk partition is available and no network coredump server has been configured. Host core dumps cannot be saved.

      Now http://labs.vmware.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/autodeploy_fling.pdf discribes how to setup a diagnostic partition to solve this. But...nothing is mentioned about size. I can easily setup a new LUN to point to but what size should I create?


      When I boot the first node I get a Noncompliant with Profile: IPv4 routes did not match. Thats weird since I set all to DHCP (network, etc) so any clue what might be wrong with the Profile?


      I created a Answer file for the first node. Since I only have 3 nodes in the cluster and boot them with the deployrule rule-hostprofile PROFILE -allhosts I guess there is no need to create an answerfile for all of them? Bit confusing to understand the difference between profile and answerfile. Guess if you want static IP's you could define them in an answerfile per host?


      Well that's it ;-)