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    Updates cumulative?  ESXi 5.0 update help

    taylorb Expert

      I've got several ESXi 5.0 hosts that are having a minor issue that requires an update to 5.0,u1.   I don't have the means to update Vcenter to 5.1 yet, so I can't go to 5.1 on the hosts.  As long as I am taking these down, I want to get the patches up to date.  Looking at the downloads, there is a specific 5.0u1 install, but there is also about 5 security and updates since then.   If I just install the latest ( ESXi500-201209001) will that also include 5.0u1 and all the rest of the security fixes since march?  Or do I need to update to u1 and then all 5 patches one at a time.  Please tell me it's the former!   Thanks in advance for the clarification.  Hoping to take care of this over the weekend.