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        avanish321 Expert

        Any issues encountered those who have upgraded from win 7?  are all the programs working? Any program needed reactivation?

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          beijau Lurker

          Pbryanw, your updated post got me through my install using the LSI driver (drag/dropped to a folder on my desktop). Thanks for sharing.

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            Wammer Novice

            I have now installed Win 8 and all appears to be well except that I have no Internet connection.  I have tried disabling the Windows firewall, disabling and reenabling the network adaptor, reinstalling VMware Tools, but no joy.  Any ideas?

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              avanish321 Expert

              Wat kind of internet connection do u have on mac? Is it wired or wireless? Try switching the network conection in vm between nat and briged and check the status..


              Also check the driver installed for network in device manager

              • 19. Re: How to upgrade VM to Windows 8?
                Pbryanw Enthusiast

                @Wammer - Along with avanish321's suggestions, have you also tried these steps:


                1. Shutdown VM

                2. Goto Settings -> Network Adapter, then:

                • Fusion 5.x and 4.x: Expand Advanced options, then select Remove Network Adapter.

                3. Re-add the network adapter:

                • Fusion 5.x and 4.x: Click Add Device, select Network Adapter, then click Add.


                Taken from the Windows XP to 7 Upgrade KB Article (helpfully linked to by avanish321 earlier in the thread).


                Also check out this thread on the Fusion board about others having problems with their ethernet adapters.

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                  Wammer Novice

                  Problem solved!  After following avanish321's suggestion to check Device Manager I found that there was no suitable Network Adaptor installed, so I followed your advise to remove and add the network adaptor, which worked.


                  I need to spend some time now learning the differences between Win8 and the earlier versions that I am used to.  It would be nice to find a way to get the @ and " signs in the same place as they are on a Mac keyboard, as I keep typing my email address as xxxx"xxx instaed of xxxx@xxx, but other than that Im very pleased with the upgrade.


                  Once again, my sincere thanks to you and the other contributors for digging me out of a hole that I might otherwise have struggled to extract myself from.



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