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    ESXi & MacBook Pro Retina compatibility issue

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      To demo ESXi 5 and our storage appliances, I used to run ESXi 5 on top of my MacBook Pro 2011 and even if it's not supported, setup was running perfectely. Note: I don't use VMware Fusion on top of OSX here, ESXi was really running / booting from an USB key.


      I tried to install ESXi 5 on top of an USB dongle plugged into the flagship MBP Retina and got this fantastic pink page and error message:


      VMware ESXi [Releasebuild-623860 x86_64]

      NOT_REACHED bora/vmkernel/hardware/hardware/intel/vtd.c:4463

      cr0=0x8001003b cr2=0x0 cr3=0x8ae2f00 cr4=0x2078



      Code start: 0x418000400000 VMK uptime: 0:00:00:03.464


      then I've got 16 lines starting with 0x417fc0406xxx


      base fs=0x0 gs=0x418040000000 Kgs=0x0



      Should I consider the new APPLE UEFI or CPU of this laptop causes this issue?

      Would it be possible a 2012 Intel i7 2.6Ghz CPU is not vtd-aware? (Damned!)



      Feedback from any Genius VMware/Apple workers, fans and powered-geeks will be highly appreciated :-)


      Note for the ones interested:

      There is no issue running ESXi5 within Fusion 5 on top of a MacBook Pro Retina. I was just trying to save some GB of RAM by bypassing OSX & Fusion.