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    Microsoft AD LDS (Lightweight Directory Services) - $1000 - February 23, 2013

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      Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Lightweight Directory Services (LDS) is new in Windows 2008 and was previously named Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM).


      LDS is a light-weight implementation of Active Directory. It is capable of running as a service, on computers running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP Professional. It shares the code base with Active Directory and provides the same functionality as Active Directory, including an identical API, but does not require the creation of domains or domain controllers.


      Like Active Directory, ADAM provides a Data Store, which is a hierarchical datastore for storage of directory data, a Directory Service with an LDAP Directory Service Interface. Unlike Active Directory, however, multiple ADAM instances can be run on the same server, with each instance having its own and required by applications making use of the ADAM directory service.


      We are requesting that a plugin be created with matching functionality of the existing Hyperic Active Directory plugin found on the HyperFORGE:http://support.hyperic.com/display/hyperforge/Microsoft+Active+Directory.



      1. It should cover the minimum functionality available in the current Active Directory plugin, including supporting supporting services and log tracking.
      2. It should capture all exposed metrics for throughput, utilization and performance as documented available. If some metrics can not or should not be captured, you will need to notify the Requestor and ask permission to omit as well as document in the readme.txt file.
      3. Provide a screenshot of the plugin in action.
      4. Provide a sample web application and guide on testing the plugin
      5. Include a README.textfile that includes installation and configuration guidelines.
      6. Include a mention of the versions of the framework which the plugin supports
      7. Include Unit tests for all aspects and classes
      8. Contributor Agreement signed & registered with VMware by emailing bounty-manager_at_vmware.com.
      9. Downloadable from a publicly accessible site such as GitHub, Sourceforge, or a public domain.
      10. Final plugin listed on the VMware Cloud Applications Marketplace.



      1. Microsoft AD LDS Documentation



      To accept this Bounty Request, please (i) reply to this post to indicate to others that this effort is being worked on, (ii) send a private message to the Requestor to arrange payment, and (iii) sign the Contributor Agreement and email it to bounty-manager_at_vmware.com.