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    Terriable VCAP5-DCA Experiance

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      I was scheduled to take the VCAP5-DCA exam on 4 Oct 2012.

      When I arrived at the testing center I signed in and the sign in says I was scheduled for VCAP5-DCA.  The test proctor sat me down at the computer and logged me in and I completed the survey.  I finished the survery and clicked next to start the exam.  After that a screen came up and told me that the questions and environment were based on vSphere 4.  I knew that something was wrong so I called over the test proctor and she called Pearson Vue and the person on the phone told me to continue to see what the environment looked like.  So I continued and determined that the environment was vSphere 5.  At that point I thought everything was ok, but I still had a gut feeling that the questions were VCAP4-DCA questions.  So the person on the phone and the test proctor told me to continue on with the exam, but as I continued with the questions I knew the questions were based on vSphere 4 (VCAP4-DCA).  If I had version VCAP5-DCA questions then I would have had only 26 questions, but my exam had 34 questions, so I knew I did not have the correct versions.  One question even asked to configure something on the vMA that is no longer possible in vSphere 5 vMA.  There were many questions that did not match up with the lab enviroment.  There were questions that asked me to do something to a VM, but that VM was not there.  There were so many other things like that.  I called over the test proctor again and told her, but she told me I had to continue on and file and incident report at the end.  I filed an incident report and yesterday I was told by Pearson Vue that there was nothing wrong with the exam or questions.
      I was originally scheduled for VCAP4-DCA exam and then changed it to the VCAP5-DCA exam.  After the exam was over and I called Pearson Vue about in incident report, they told me that there was a confusion because I had originally signed up for VCAP4-DCA and they think that the testing center was never given that information, but in the end PearsonVue said they did there investigation and nothing was wrong with the exam.  I just don't see how this is possible when the beginning screen said it was based on vSphere 4.
      I feel that my $400 was wasted because I was given the wrong exam and now Pearson Vue wont help me.


      I sent an email to certification@vmware.com and I am waiting there response.


      Is there anything else I can do?

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          Can you pop me an email directly at lbourque [at] vmware.com? I'm not the direct person to deal with this (and given that it's a weekend) but I would like to get this to our certification team directly and get them to help you with this. When you email me, include any and all detail you can think of beyond the what you wrote above.

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            crawfordm Expert

            Just to let everyone know that reads the inital post, Linus Bourque stepped up and made sure this was sent to the right people so the issue could be resolved.  I received an email today with a voucher to take the exam again.


            Thanks VMware for helping and doing the right thing!