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    Unity problem with Ubuntu 12.04 64bits guest (July2012)

    xiaopierre Lurker



      I'm currently running tech preview july 2012 and seems like ubuntu 12.04 unity mode is just plainly disabled "Unity is not supported on this guest operating system", tryed disabling the 3D capabilities on the VM settings, booting in regular unity and unity2d desktop to no avail. That's really a priceless feature for me, is there a quick solution to enable it again?


      I'm often developing/debuging websites quickly from my Ubuntu VM because that's the best way for me to have a PHP stack close to the one on production server (zend server), and while it's offered on windows, the lack of case sensitivity there already played a few tricks on me. I tried to go to the "shared folder" route, but I always met with weird behavior like "I try to access a file, the file doesn't exist, I add it, and the only way for the VM to see it was to reboot it (still same behavior up to workstation 8.0.4).


      Thanks, so far I like where the tech preview is going, if the linux 3D capabilities could play well with unity mode, that'd be perfect in the end!