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    Start Dictation

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      The VMware Fusion Professional 5.0.1 Edit menu includes a "Start Dictation" function that has the "fn fn" shortcut assigned by default. Unfortunately, it's greyed out. Is this supposed to be a function that a future 5.x release of Fusion will address? It appears Parallels 8 allows the ML Dictation functionality to work in virtual machines. I hope Fusion implements this shortly.

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          benfsmith Novice

          It's a huge disappointment. Does anyone know of a cheap dictation solution for windows that may be compatible?

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            dlhotka Virtuoso

            Cheap?  No.  Dragon Dictate pretty much owns that market now.


            Keep in mind that the Apple dictation is sending everything you say back to Apple's servers, so you may want to watch what content you use.  That's a real advantage to buying a product.

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              FloGo Lurker

              Hi, i have an issue with dictation in Fusion 4 + 5 (same problem btw in Parallels Desktop 8 :-)
              I'm running Windows Vista in a WM with Fusion 5 / Mountain Lion. I'm using Dragon Dictate 2.5 on the mac without any problems. Only if I want to dictate into the VM window (ie. Windows Notepad, Word 2007...) the VM receives only text in lower case letters, which makes Dragon Dictate unusable for me.
              Is there any solution or fix for this problem?