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    Problem Migrating a VM from VMware server 1

    DLB2012 Novice


      I'm trying to move a vm to a esxi 5 host, but have a strange issue. I am using the converter utility to convert and copy the vm, but the guest OS (Server 2003) goes into a reboot loop whenever powered on after moving the vm. The weird part is I have also tried copying the files over to a test comptuer with vmware workstation 9 installed and it has the same behavior, and this is without any conversion, just opening the copied files directly from the workstation app. The vm has none of these problems on the vmware server host.


      Anyone have any tips? Running an OS repair does work, but as soon as vmware tools is installed in the guest os it goes back to the reboot loop behavior. Same for doing the "last known good configuration." The guest will boot until the tools are upgraded/installed.