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    Service Level Agreement (SLA) in your company

    tomtom1 Enthusiast

      Hi, I am not sure, where I should put this question. Moderator's please feel free to make changes that you deem necessary.


      I would like to know what are the SLA's that are followed in your company. I am new a environment and I am noticing that management expects to create VM within a day. They don't care about the documentation, no resource planning, no backup planning, etc.

      All they want is VM to be up and running ASAP.


      Could you please share any docuements that you have regarding your environment. I  understand each envrionment is unique and each compnay have their own defined SLA's but atleast I will get a idea, and I will try to make somethig and give it to management.


      You can remove your company name and other details that leads back to your company.