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      • 15. Re: Questions about iSCSI and subnets
        scerazy Expert

        Ok, so you used VLANs as opposed to physical cards.

        Yes, as you found out that will work the same (just much more config needed)


        EQL PSP is great, I have MD3600i running in RR (as opposed to a recommended MRU) and that works perfectly fine (did not see any problems so far)



        • 16. Re: Questions about iSCSI and subnets
          chimera Novice

          OMG... must be Murphys law or I just jinxed myself... just as I mention running separate subnets in separate VLAN's, I'm up til 2am this morning battling with iSCSI issues... same things in the logs again, where iSCSI is continuously trying to access the SAN (all issues related to MD3600i) and causing high resource usage / slow vcenter access and loss of mgmt to hosts etc.  This is soooo intermittent its just really not worth the pain for a few extra physical NIC cards. Sooo frustrating I almost made the decision to quit I.T. at the early hours of this morning!!!!

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