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    Ways to restart files drag-and-drop function between host and VM?

    ahmd9 Enthusiast

      I'm using VMWare workstation 8 and quite often I drag and drop files from the host OS (windows 7) into the OS installed in the VM (also windows 7 or XP) but often something gets goofed up in the VM and this drag-and-drop mechanism stops working. (I can normally tell that something is up by checking that CPU clock starts running very high on the guest OS and the only way to get the drag-and-drop function back is to reboot the guest OS, which takes time to reload the context of the tests that I was performing with the guest.)


      In light of that I was wondering if there's some way to reset/restart the vmware services/processes that are responsible for the files drag-and-drop function (from host to the VM) without restarting the guest OS?


      PS. This would save a lot of time for me. Thanks!