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    losing connection to remote (vCenter) server with windows 8 rp

    tlalok007 Novice



      I am using the tech preview to connect to VMs on a vSphere-environment with vCenter 5u1 from windows 8 RP.


      Login to the remote server always works nicely. However, after some time, workstation seems to lose connection to the vCenter server and does not show any video of the remote VMs any more. Closing the windows and selecting "open" again does not help. I have to close workstation and do a new connect.


      When closing Workstation, I get a "an unexplained error occured" message. I am using e.x.p 754035.


      Anyone using tech preview together with vSphere?


      PS: the infrastructure client currently has a problem to connect to the video console of vms under Windows 8. With tech preview, this works nicely. :-)