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    vm backup does not backup all VM's (no errors)

    ipguy1 Novice

      hi all

      i'm having an issue where ghettoVCBg2, it's not backing up all the VM's listed in --vmlist


      0 1 * * 1 /root/ghetto/ghettoVCBg2.pl --config_dir /root/ghetto/ --output /var/log/ghetto.log --config /root/ghetto/ghettoVCBg2.pl --vmlist /root/ghetto/vmlist


      ghetto.log shows that it's backing up the first 4 or 5 VM's but then just stops backing-up the remaining VM's... there is a list of approx 35 to backup.

      whats strange is that the first backup worked without issue.


      no errors presend in "ghetto.log" or "/var/log/messages", log attached.


      anyone experiancing similar issues ?


      ghettoVCBg2 (02/21/2009)

      VMWare ESXi 4.1