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    Permissions for VUM question

    Grzesiekk Expert


        i want to be able use VUM in order to update vmware tools and upgrade vmware hardware. But i would like this options to be available only for vms in specific folder for user X. This user also should be able to schedule Vum updates on specifc date. Any ideas where and which permissions need to be set ?


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          Grzesiekk Expert

          What i have noticed after few attempts is that there is no need to apply vum permissions on vc / root level. What's more, in order to have the ability to schedule for example vm tools update using vum, you have to have privilege "Configure service" which has description of : ": configure the vsphere update manager service and the scheduled task to download patches, extensions, notifications, and related data." But this does not say clearly that this privileges gives rights to remediate virtual machine at given scheduled date task.  It is possible to put permission with those privileges only to some folder with vms, and it works.