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    vSphere 5.1, new Data Protection and Avamar

    fgl Hot Shot

      This may be a premature question to ask but I'll direct it to those that have beta tested the new VDR replacement Data Protection that will be in vSphere 5.1.  From what I've read (I have not seen it yet) its basically the Avamar product from EMC but maybe in a strip down version? I don't know until I get to play with it.

      But anyway my question is how will this integrate with customers that already have Avamar in their environment like myself?

      Can I ditch my expensive Avamar grid in favor of Data Protection since its included with the vSphere 5.1 license. 

      I can only imagine the new vSphere 5.1 licensing model is going to increase in cost as I can't imagine VMware is going to hand out Avamar for free.