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    3D acceleration on Linux guest

    ruymbeke Novice


      I installed the 3D acceleration packages (mesa, vmwgfx,...) and VmWare tools (build 646321)

      on the latest Knoppix 7.0 (Debian based live DVD running the Linux Kernel 3.2.4) and I got

      the Desktop compiz 3D cube to rotate with te mouse within my Linux guest (very cool)

      but the Desktop was kind of blurry (same as seen on old display when the refresh is not right)

      Is anybody experiencing the same thing ? Please find below a link to the script I used:


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          ruymbeke Novice


          Actually I now get something slightly different (after rebooting).

          the cube still works great but the main desktop is not refreshing:

          everything I do on the dekstop is not visible until I rotate the cube

          (using ctrl + alt + right_or_left_arrow). On the attached video you

          can see that the closing window explosion is only displayed when

          the cube starts rotating (not after the X click in the window corner).

          Am I misssing something ?

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            Arturbc Novice

            I have tested Ubuntu 12.04 on this newest VMware Workstation 2012 tech preview "July 2012", the 3D acceleration works very nice on my desktop computer with ATI Radeon HD5870, but on my notebook with Intel HD Graphics of "i7 - 1st generation" have a strange problem with lateral app bar and top menu bar, these are invisible, but work if i try use it knowing where things are. To work normal on my notebook, i need to disable 3D acceleration.


            In Windows guest, work correctly.