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    I/O MMU virtualization and Graphic Passthrough

    xiaopierre Lurker



      I don't know if it's the right place to ask (please redirect me if that's the case), but I've been looking at every Workstation versions (and tech previews) thoses last few years in hope of support for graphic passthrough.


      I've been doing that for years with Xen, using an Intel VT-d or AMD-Vi CPU and 2 or more GPU on the system.


      Parrallels Workstation Extreme has been doing it for a while too (but with very select GPU).


      There's more and more applications making use of GPGPU nowadays and having direct access to those in VM would be a big step up.


      For quite a few of people around me, the arrival of VT-d a few years ago opened a lot of possible scenario for our virtualised environnements and we're all wondering how come the current leader of virtualisation still isn't offering it in a platform like Workstation (heard of succesful cases with ESXi though).


      So is there any plan for it on Workstation roadmap? If yes could we get an approximate timeframe?


      Thanks for your time, and keep up the good work!