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    Wrong letters

    kAldown Lurker

      Hi there

      1) I got bug with Windows OS while installed on VMW Workstation TP '12 (server 8 and win7pro)

      When I try to pop some letter ex: ping - I got this **************************************..... and its dont stup till I push any button

      the same with any keyboard uses, as many opening help-window (F1)

      reboot of VM and OSes dont solve the problem

      It was good and havent any problem when OS were clear, but after some suspends I notice the problem

      sometimes it dont wrote anything, I should to copy-paste commands from server OS to virtual

      2) also, would be very appriciate if you answer me, whatta problem to join client OS(windows) to server '08 R2 DC (both virtual), problem was solved after I switch off IPv6 on both OSes, but now problem come back and I faced this in server 8 when trying to join win7

      maybe I made a mistake when create DC with forest\domain functional level comprehensive with windows server 8 beta

      Thanks a lot

      and dont go mad for my english