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    VMsafe-Net products

    ldelloca Master


      I'm looking for a comprehensive lists of products that use vmsafe-net APIs. We are evaluating different solutions to realize a virtual DMZ and we need to verify if our list is complete.


      We are not looking right now for antimalware or antivirus products that make use of vShield Endpoint, only network security.


      Actually, we have identified these products:


      - VMware vShield App

      - Trend Micro Deep Security

      - IBM Security Virtual Server Protection for VMware

      - CheckPoint Security Gateway Virtual Edition (VE)

      - Juniper Networks vGW Virtual Gateway (formerly Altor Networks Virtual Firewall)


      Is this list complete or there are other products? I'm interested in VMsafe-based products, so please do not reply telling me about the thousands of virtual appliances with some linux-based firewall on it.


      Thanks in advance!