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    Cannot use REMOTE VMs when LOCAL VMs are started..

    j_mosk Enthusiast

      Okay gang..


      This is a wierd one.


      I've upgraded from FIRST 2012 Preview to LATEST on both my HOST (laptop) and my remote machine performing the serving (desktop).


      So.. both are running latest VMW 2012 July preview on WINDOWS.

      All GUESTS are WINDOWS.


      In short.. the bug looks like this:


      a) Working with VM guests on my local machine (laptop) work perfectly, 100% of the time.

      b)  Working with REMOTE VM guests on my local machine (laptop) served by my desktop.. also work 100% of the time.... BUT only when *ALL* local guests are STOPPED.


      If any local guests are RUNNING.. then the keyboard and mouse input to the remote VMs are halted.


      I can only press VM | CTRL + ALT +DEL and not the actual keystroke combo.. or anything else keyboard or mouse related.