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      I want to create a new VM from an existing VM with 2 disks. I have received some file from our Company in other country:

      FLSRV.VMDK  (20 GB)





      FLSRV_1-FLAT.VMDK  (160 GB)




      I have loaded the first disk without any problem, but when I try to add the second disk (using existing Virtual Disk), System can't find the disk (Flat.VMDK). I see the file in the same LUN, but when I browse the LUN, I seen only the first VMDK of 20 GB..


      I can start the VM, but I miss the second disk with 160 GB of data.


      Can someone help me please?



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          Welcome to the Community,


          each virtual disk in ESXi exists of two files. A header/descriptor .vmdk file (only a few hundred bytes in size) and the data file (flat.vmdk for base disks or delta.vmdk for snapshot disks). When you try to add an existing virtual disk you have to select the header .vmdk file.

          What's interesting in your file list is that the 20GB disk (FLSRV.VMDK) which - according to what you said - works does not have a headrer file!?



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            Hello André,


            For the first drive, I don't have a Header. But I have loaded it to the VM and it works fine.


            The time of the second drive is FILE and not Virtual Disk.


            This files are coming from a newer version of ESX..



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              This files are coming from a newer version of ESX..

              Ok, this explains the ctk file, which should not exist in ESXi 3.5.

              Please post (attach) the VM's header.vmdk file as well as another header .vmdk file (as an example for ESXi 3.5) to your next post to see whether the file can be modified to work on ESXi 3.5.