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    Updates successful

    LeoL Hot Shot

      Updated on both Linux host (Open SuSE 12.1) and WIndows 7.

      For the first time ever an update did nor require a windows restart.



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          JJoel42 Hot Shot
          VMware Employees

          We finally got this right!

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            matthewls Hot Shot

            Works well here (of course, 1 day after I patched the other one for kernel 3.4.x even though I knew the next release should appear about now....).

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              mfelker Expert

              You certainly did!  Host Windows 8 CP.  One almost scary  error message though.  Towards the end of the insatllation a window popped  up with error 25011 - the installer  file is corrupt.  This was in error however since WS Tech  Beta 2 ran  perfectly and the license key inserted.  I did reboot  but only because there were  Windows updates to install


              Other good things.  I had created a SBS 2011 VM with the Beta 1 and it ran perfectly with Beta 2.  More impressive - I had created a Debian 6.05 VM in Linux with a RAID 5  (added 2 virtual hard ddrive befor epowering on an running the OS  installer. Copied that ht to an NTFS partition and Beta 2 opened it up.  The only setting that had to change  is quite normal.  Had to delete the virtual cdrom which pointed  to /dev/sr0.  Then add a new CDROM with autodetect.  .

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                JJoel42 Hot Shot
                VMware Employees

                Thanks for hammering on this tech preview!  I am glad it is working well for you.  We will look into the scary error message.