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    Workstation 7.1.6 won't display - Player works fine - Linux

    unclecameron Novice

      I have installed the patch on kernel 3.2 Mint 13  x64 host to run Workstation, modules compiled fine, no errors in the logs, but when I run vmware & from command line (or Cinammon GUI icon) it looks like it starts normally, but no VMWare interface displays, it just sits there displaying the normal desktop as if nothing's running. If I run ps aux | grep vmware I show the network coming up, but vmware itself isn't running. If I run Player 3.1.6, I can run the VM's fine that I usually manage with WS.


      http://cheatsheet.logicalwebhost.com/vmware-howto/  shows what steps I took installing the patch from heliohost site, what steps should I try next?