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    Internal data transfer between VM's without networking?

    KWKirchner Novice

      So here is the scenario:


      ESXi v5.0 Cluster (7 Hosts)

      Windows 7 "Control" VM - heavily locked down, isolated VLAN

      Windows 7 "Normal" VM - typical office PC, full network access, but not to "Control" PC VLAN.

      vMA 5.0 Appliance


      The "Control" PC's are the way they are and cannot be modified.  They exist currently as physical boxes with CD-RW drives and that is how the "reports" they produce are migrated to the regular network.  We want to virtualize these "Control" PC's to be VDI-style like our "Normal" desktops.  If we do, we need some method to transfer the reports.  Network is not an option (too easy! ) so we are looking for other options.  USB wont work either (mass storage USB also not allowed).  We will have to access the VDI "Control" VM's via the View Client from our VDI "Normal" desktops (zero clients), so there is no CD-RW to map (USB denied!).  So we are wondering if there is some way to create a VMDK that was on a shared datastore that could be mapped to the "Control" VM, then unmounted and mapped to the "Normal" VM while they are powered on, using some manual manipulations and the VMA appliance.


      Win7 can support hot-swap drives, so is it possible to do this with a VMDK through the VMA?  The hot mount and dismount of the VMDK is the key.  If that is even remotely possible I can take it from there.


      If anyone has any suggestions that might work within our limitations, I'd love to hear them.




      Edit: And just to clarify a bit more, this would be similar to what Fusion/Workstation can do when it shares out the Host desktop folder (or any host folder really) to multiple VM's via it's magical back-channel.  I would take a shared folder on a datastore, that would work, but if I could do it with a VMDK it would be better. I realize it gets harder when you mix in HA and DRS (if those are even still possible).