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    Microcode upgrade - should I worry ?

    atakacs Enthusiast



      Just installed Server 2008 R2 SP1 in one of our VM guest and I keep seeing these log entries:


      Message from myserver.local: CPU microcode
      update available. The guest OS tried to update
      the microcode from patch level 3 (3h) to patch
      level 4 (4h), but VMware ESX does not allow
      microcode patches to be applied from within a
      virtual machine. Microcode patches are used to
      correct CPU errata. If you are not experiencing
      any problems with your CPU, you can ignore this
      microcode patch. Otherwise, you may be able to
      obtain a BIOS/firmware update which includes
      this microcode patch from your system vendor, or
      your host OS may provide a facility for loading
      microcode patches obtained directly from the
      Intel web site.


      Is the service pack actually doing this ?


      Should I bother obtaining this microcode update ?


      Thanks for your help