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    Change link status on vNICs attached to a vSwitch if physical link goes down?

    larsmas Lurker


      I have a problem and I wonder if anyone here have a solution.


      I have an ESXi with two physical NIC's. The first physical NIC is connected to vSwitch0 and the other physical NIC is connected to vSwitch1.



      On the ESX I run a few virtual machines, all of them connected to both vSwitch0 and vSwitch1 with vNIC's.



      The problem is that IF the link to the first physical NIC (connected to vSwitch0) or the link to the other physical NIC goes down I need the vSwitches to send LINK DOWN to the virtual machines vNIC's.



      By default the virtual machines still think that the link is up and running.



      Basicly. I need a solution where my vSwitches will set link status to down on my virtual machines vNIC's too if the physical link to that switch goes down.



      Is it possible?