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    Studio 2.6 JeOS - udhcpc config script bug

    kaszak Novice

      Just a quick bug report:

      Studio 2.6 exp. JeOS feauter contains Busybox and udhcpc as default.

      udhcpc is called from /init (generated by studio from initrd.xml) with the following command line:


      /bin/busybox udhcpc -b -s /etc/udhcp/node -i $iface


      There is a reference for the script "node", which is placed in the vApp at build time.

      The script contains a typo for the variable "$RESOLVE.CONF" in line 68. It should contain RESOLV.CONF without the second "E".

      This typo prevents udhcpc to update resolv.conf, making a jeos built vapp unable to do DNS resolving.

      The file can be manually corrected on the studio appliance in /opt/vmware/etc/jeos/busybox.