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      • 256. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
        sethdrose Lurker

        I agree whole-heartedly.  As a VCP 4, I would hope a couple things.  1st, having an environment to work in to study for newer releases of VCP is handy.  And 2nd, as a working consultant, I don't have an opportunity to 'kick the tires' of different features that I may end up convincing an account to purchse when I can only have the free version of ESXi, or a time-bombed version of vCenter.  How can I possibly do that?  I don't have an option of having an office where I work with a data center, so what I have to do is work on all the wonderful blade servers at client locations, and I have 2 white-box PCs with ESXi installed.  I have to re-do the environment every 60 days.  Now, as a VCP, I would think that Vmware wouldn't expect me to shell out the, what, $7,000 for an Essentials Plus license for my home environment, or that my employer would pay that amount for all my co-workers.  These are people who wouldn't pay that much anyway, so there's no loss of income. 


        And, if I can't setup a vCenter environment 'for real' at home, why would I ever allocate the time to put 'real' machines on a time-bombed trial environment?  Having a 60 day trial period really gives me little reward towards my study goal.


        For my needs, it should be the features of Enterprise Plus, but maybe limited to 3 machines of dual-CPU (I can buy some Dell 2950s fairly inexpensively on the secondary market, and those have dua processor muli-core CPUs). 




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          Nwconfig Novice

          Please bring back the VMTN Subscription.

          Knowledgable engineers will help Keep vmWare strong.

          Help us to Help you.

            Thank you,


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            maccajuk Novice

            +1 from me.


            I run a virtual lab at home on VMWare Workstation with two esxi servers (with a couple of nested Linux VMs), two windows servers (AD and vCenter Server) and a NAS appliance (using FreeNAS)


            Technet looks after my MS stuff, Linux looks after itself and I own VMWare Workstation...... but I have to keep trashing ESXi and vCenter. Not cool.


            I use the environment purely for R&D to make myself a better engineer, which in turn benefits companies I work for who pay $$$s for VMWare services  and products.


            A fair subscription price would probably be a decent revenue stream as most people I have heard of are just using thr free trial alternatives and rebuilding.

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              dbutlerHSHR Novice

              I confess - I didn't even know there had ever been a VMTN type of program available!  I would definitely be interested in subscribing, in order to get access to information & easier ability to test & trial products.


              Yes, bring it back!

              • 260. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                Mark2012 Lurker

                Any news on this?


                Hopefully VMware is quietly working away on it, rather than just being quiet. 


                I'm preparing for a virtualization initiative, and the ability to lab at home without rebuilding every two months may influence my decision on whether to implement VMware or Hyper-V at work.


                My experience is all VMware, but if they want to stay competitive then they need to compete.

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                  mars2k Novice

                  Yes Please, Big fan of this sort of thing.  Very powerful tool.  Sign me up.

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                    Squareball Novice

                    Add me to the list of interested parties.


                    To see my 60 day evaluation license disappear was a real problem as I'd built up a good knowledge of the product's functionality and it'd be great to have a small lab available for self-learning, customer and peer demos.


                    It had been of great use in helping me attain VCP5 status but I'm now in a position where my inability to reference a working lab where I can access vSphere, multiple hosts, iSCSI, failover etc is resulting in me quickly losing 'touch' with the capabilities that VMware offers to an enterprise.

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                      hadfield Lurker

                      I and at least 7 of my co-workers would love to see this.


                      Personally? I'd drop $250 in a heartbeat to have a MSDN-like subscription to all VMware products for test/dev/education purposes.

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                        dbutlerHSHR Novice

                        Absolutely.  Same here.  In fact the last email message I sent out, less than two minutes ago, was on this subject.  I can't afford production licenses for my lab boxes.  But I'd she'll out a few hundred at the drop of a hat!  Go ahead and limit something if you must - vRAM, pNIC's, whatever.  Just let me have a functioning test lab with all the features (vMotion, HA, etc.)


                        Douglas J. Butler

                        (207) 974-3681 office

                        (207) 272-6801 mobile


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                          dazp Lurker

                          I've no desire to dilute the concentration of the effort, or the attention this page gets.  However, I'ved just asked the following on the VMware Facebook page...


                          Hey Vmware, Any news on what's happening with the potential VMTN subscription ? It's been 6 months since the idea was first (re-)mooted on the forum.http://communities.vmware.com/thread/335123


                          Hopefully it will help to keep the attention focused if people can comment (or like) that there too ?


                          Fingers crossed !

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                            mseavey Novice

                            I'm out of the office until Tues. Please call x5555 for the HelpDesk. Thanks, Marty

                            • 267. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                              hicksj Master

                              With many other vOldTimers chiming in on this thread (hey guys!), I'll throw my +1 on this as well.  A VMTN equivalent is sorely missed and I hope Mr Epping will followup with a progress update.


                              Best Regards,


                              • 268. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                                dconvery Virtuoso

                                +1 for me as well!


                                I work for onr of VMware's largest partners. It is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to access the NFR based software. No one can figure out how to give me access. I have to use those temporary email services every time a new version is released.


                                A VMTN sub would fix all of this.

                                • 269. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                                  rsingler Enthusiast

                                  +1 This would definitely help us as a partner be able to self educate our engineers and in turn our customers.

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