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    Export OVF template is a vertual appliance or not ??

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      I know that use vmware studio or other tools can help us to build a virtual appliance.


      The filename extension of virtual appliance that I build from vmware studio is *.mf, *.vmdk and *.ovf ,


      but when I export OVF template from a virtual machine, the filename extension is the same.


      So I feel confused, the ovf file export from a virtual machine is a virtual appliance or not ??



      If the OVF template is also a virtual appliance, can I put the file in the virtual appliance market?

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          saurabhbhattacharya Enthusiast



          The Definition of a virtual appliance is a prebuilt, preconfigured and preinstalled. So any VM which has already been created, Configured and installed can be called as a Virtual Appliance. Now OVF stands for Open Virtualization Format. Its just a format or extension and the main purpose of ovf format is that it compresses the VM (Like a RAR or ZIP) so as to be easily transported. So the main purpose of OVF is for Transportation. In the VA Marketplace, thats the reason why the appliances are in OVF format so that  they can be easily transported to any virtual environment.


          You may also create VMs, configure them and install everything then export it in a OVF format and you can call it as a Virtual appliance. Means doesn't matter, whether they are from studio, server or Esxi. Hope this clears your query.

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            Yes, Export the vm to an OVF template is an appliance and then you can import it any time. Virtual Appliance is a preconfigured machine.