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    Studio profile "JeOS CentOS Linux 5.5 [Template]"

    lbalders Novice

      Has anyone successfully created a virtual appliance or Vapp using the VMWare Studio profile

      "JeOS  CentOS Linux 5.5 [Template]"?
      If so, what application packages were included (if you are free to name them).
      My own attempt built successfully, but will not boot (missing GOS parameter in vmx config file).
      My application (can not name) packages installed OK, but application will not run. It seems
      like the 'jeoser' removed too much OS.
      Thank you.
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          asharpe Hot Shot
          VMware Employees

          Indeed. Unless you know exactly, precisely what libraries, external commands and utilities your application needs, we do not recommend using the JeOS templates. It is an experimental feature, as you'll read in the manual, and may not work the way you intended. Use the standard templates (*not* JeOS templates, nor Application Director templates) for CentOS; you will have much more success.