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    Change Video Card setting on next reboot

    adomszent Lurker



      Can someone show me how to use orchestrator to change the Video Card Setting of a VM to "Auto-detect settings" the next time the VM reboots?


      I tryed myself, but i think i need a lot more time with orchestrator to understand how it works.



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          Use Onyx to figure it out....


          What you get in short:


          var managedObject = vm;
          // ------- ReconfigVM_Task -------
          var spec = new VcVirtualMachineConfigSpec();
          spec.deviceChange = System.getModule("com.vmware.onyx").array(VcVirtualDeviceConfigSpec, 1);
          spec.deviceChange[0] = new VcVirtualDeviceConfigSpec();
          spec.deviceChange[0].operation = VcVirtualDeviceConfigSpecOperation.edit;
          spec.deviceChange[0].device = new VcVirtualMachineVideoCard();
          spec.deviceChange[0].device.key = 500;
          //spec.deviceChange[0].device.deviceInfo = new VcDescription();
          //spec.deviceChange[0].device.deviceInfo.label = "Video card ";
          //spec.deviceChange[0].device.deviceInfo.summary = "Video card";
          //spec.deviceChange[0].device.controllerKey = 100;
          //spec.deviceChange[0].device.unitNumber = 0;
          //spec.deviceChange[0].device.videoRamSizeInKB = 4096;
          //spec.deviceChange[0].device.numDisplays = 1;
          spec.deviceChange[0].device.useAutoDetect = true;
          //spec.deviceChange[0].device.enable3DSupport = false;
          task = managedObject.reconfigVM_Task(spec);  // VirtualMachine



          What you get in a whole: See attached Workflow .


          How to get there: See this video (created just for you ):



          and be patient: I plan to create a blog-post on this, and update the video with audio explanations.....




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            adomszent Lurker

            Thanks, you're awesome.


            It's really pretty simple, thank for the video to show me how it works.