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    Calling Oracle Aces, Oracle Certified Master....

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      One of the best kept Secrets at VMware os the Vmware Guru Program...

      VMware Guru Program Overview

      In this Program, VMware will provide evaluation licenses on selected VMware fully functional products at no-cost to qualified subject matter experts in their domain. The program gives VMware Gurus the opportunity to differentiate themselves professionally as VMware experts.

      To apply for this benefit, you need to email GuruLicensing@vmware.com with the information requested in below application form.  Upon verification of your credentials and approval of your application, VMware will provide directions on downloading and activating your software.



      Using these resources will enable you to learn and experiment with VMware product features more efficiently.  Each of you will also have the opportunity to become part of an exclusive community of experts.

      The VMware products you will receive will facilitate features that are uniquely available in a VMware-enabled infrastructure such as:

      • Highly granular availability options, allowing you to improve availability in all workloads, and match the cost of the design to the importance of the application
      • Reliable, repeatable disaster recovery that can be tested in an isolated duplicate environment at will, without impact on production systems.
      • Provisioning services to significantly simplify architectural management and expansion / contraction scenarios
      • The ability to consolidate multiple small databases, i.e., enabling you to free up Oracle licenses for test or DR systems.


      Program Details

      The VMware Guru program provides software* for selected VMware vSphere and vCenter product families:

      • VMware vSphere 5 Enterprise Plus Acceleration Kit for 6 processors (with 48 GB VRAM  entitlement per processor)  (VS5-EPL-AK-C)
      • VMware vCenter Business Production Bundle - 25 VM Pack (VC-BPBUN-25-C)This bundle SKU contains:
        • VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5 – 25 Pack (VC-SRM5-25S-C)
        • vShield App 5 with Data Security (VS-APP-BUN-C)
        • vCenter Operations Advanced (VC-OADV-BUN-C)
      • Workstation 8 - up to 2 licenses (SKU # WS8-LW-CE)

      To ensure that customers are confident in their ability to support key products, VMware will open support cases and resolve issues with Microsoft and Oracle products.  VMware has extensive in-house expertise to facilitate support, and can engage directly with Microsoft and Oracle when necessary.


      *We will provide 365 day Evaluation licenses product. At VMware’s discretion, this license key can be extended or upgraded to a newer version if the user submits a request before the license expires.



      • VMware Gurus may register for the program by emailing GuruLicensing@vmware.com with the information requested in below application form.
      • After VMware approves the Gurus Program  Application form, the license will granted to the individual


      Terms and Conditions

      • The Gurus Program will require an annual renewal, and a minimal level of engagement with the program.  
        • Periodically Guru License recipients may be asked to participate in online surveys, technical feedback, blogging, live conversations with VMware employees, or other similar events. The intent will be to solicit feedback from the Guru License recipients on their experience/ findings.  The recipient will have the opportunity of opting out twice. If the recipient opts out more than twice to participate in these events, then it will be considered a lack of engagement, making this the basis of “dismissal” of that recipient  from the Guru program. 
        • You can submit feedback and test result to VMware, by email at Gurulicensing@vmware.com.  


      • Maintain status as a subject matter expert with an Independent Software Vendor, such as Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP in good standing.
      • The Guru Program will always adhere to VMware’s terms of privacy, and VMware information will never be shared or disclosed without VMware’s permission.
      • You may not sell, resell, license, rent, lease, or lend the product.
      • You may not grant customers of your product or service any rights to license or distribute the VMware Product.
      • VMware reserves the right to discontinue the licenses provided or remove individual from this program.
      • Be 18 years of age or older.
      • Sign the VMware Gurus Program Application Form.
      • VMware      will approve requests based on individual’s expertise status with Independent Software Vendor.
      • Proof      of subject expertise status (such as Microsoft MVP, Oracle ACE/OCM or SAP      Mentor) must be provided with the application.
      • Evaluation License term is one year.
      • Only      one request per individual.