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    Vmware Tools Linux Command Line Options

    mfelker Expert
      For  people's reference (perhaps this is somewhere in the beta docs - haven't  seen it)  Here's what amount
      to "man vmwware-tools-cmd" after installing vmwareools in a CentOS 5.8 VM (under Ubuntu 12.04)
      There should be an equivalent in Windows - how to run it??

      Usage: ./vmware-toolbox-cmd <command> Type './vmware-toolbox-cmd help <command>' for help on a specific comma= nd. Type './vmware-toolbox-cmd -v' to see the VMware Tools version. Use '-q' option to suppress stdout output. Most commands take a subcommand. Available commands:     device     disk     script     stat     timesync device: functions related to the virtual machine's hardware devices Usage: ./vmware-toolbox-cmd device <subcommand> =5Bargs=5D dev is the name of the device. Subcommands:     enable <dev>: enable the device dev     disable <dev>: disable the device dev     list: list all available devices     status <dev>: print the status of a device disk: perform disk shrink operations Usage: ./vmware-toolbox-cmd disk <subcommand> =5Bargs=5D Subcommands:     list: list available locations     shrink <location>: wipes and shrinks a file system at the given loc= ation     shrinkonly: shrinks all disks     wipe <location>: wipes a file system at the given location Usage: ./vmware-toolbox-cmd script <power=7Cresume=7Csuspend=7Cshutdown=
      <subcommand> =5Bargs=5D
          enable: enable the given script and restore its path to the default=
          disable: disable the given script
          set <full_path>: set the given script to the given path
          default: print the default path of the given script
          current: print the current path of the given script
      Usage: ./vmware-toolbox-cmd stat <subcommand>
          hosttime: print the host time
          speed: print the CPU speed in MHz
      ESX guests only subcommands:
          sessionid: print the current session id
          balloon: print memory ballooning information
          swap: print memory swapping information
          memlimit: print memory limit information
          memres: print memory reservation information
          cpures: print CPU reservation information
          cpulimit: print CPU limit information
      Usage: ./vmware-toolbox-cmd timesync <subcommand>
          enable: enable time synchronization
          disable: disable time synchronization
          status: print the time synchronization status