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    Resource Allocation - Custom vs Normal

    khughes Virtuoso

      I feel stupid asking this question but it is something I haven't even really bothered looking at until now.  When we first converted a lot of our physical servers (p2v process) we had an outside vendor do the job while we helped out to learn.  I've been slowly starting to look through our VM's to maximize our performance after I've noticed small performance slowdowns.  One thing I did come accross are that under VM's we've converted, inside the edit settings the resource allocation is set to custom with a defined number vs newly built out VM's which have the resources shares set to normal.


      We're currently running on average 20% CPU / 40-50% Memory on all of our hosts so resources aren't an issue, no resource pools are setup besides the default.   Should these resource shares be set to normal or left at the custom level? The VM's I've noticed this have been Databases.


      See screenshots attached.  Thanks for any insight.