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    SRM5 using vSphere replication, status shows 'not active'

    panikfan Novice

      I've been using SRM5 with host-based replication pretty extensively and for the most part is has been solid.  I am using it to protect 18 VMs at my production site.  I am now trying to configure a couple of VMs at the recovery site to replicate back to the production site.  I was able to go through the wizard, watched it create the virtual disk, but when looking at the vSphere replication section in SRM, the status for these VMs is 'not active'.  If I highlight one and select 'synchronize now' it either does nothing (status remains 'not active') or I get an error saying that 'An ongoing synchronization task already exists' and the following info in the error stack:


      Call "HmsGroup.OnlineSync" for object "GID-5be7451c-c57d-4f6b-bb8e-01cddec9297e" on Server "192.168.XXX.XXX" failed.
      An unknown error has occurred.


      The server it is referring to is the VRMS server at the recovery site.  Additionally, in the recent tasks area I see the message 'vSphere Replication operation error: Virtual machine is in an invalid state."


      I have rebooted everything in the environment, including the VR servers, VRMS servers, Virtual Center servers (which include all the databases), vSphere Host servers, and the VMs, at both sites.  Verified there is plenty of storage on the target datastore.  I even removed the VMs from the inventory and re-added them, but still get this error.


      Ok now the best part - when I look at the target datastore, it appears that the VM has actually been replicated successfully.  I see all the virtual disks that I'd expect to see, and all the hbrcfg files, with 'modified' timestamps that correspond to the last time I attempted to force replication.  So just a GUI issue or what?  Anyone else ran into this yet?