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    Adobe Premiere Elements 10 trial won't install

    thewul Enthusiast

      Am trying to install above software within vm xp sp3.

      However, I got an error, "This installation package is not supported by this processor type."


      XP system properties : XP SP3, quad core cpu Q9550 at 2.83Ghz


      I can install the software on my Windows 7 system, i.e. outside vmware workstation (v.8.02)


      Any suggestions ?




        • 1. Adobe might block installation of certain products in virtualization environment.
          Rahulverma201110141 Enthusiast
          VMware Employees

          It appears that Adobe might have blocked installation of its trial products in virtualization environment. Sometimes user misuse the virtualization environment for using trial products. For example, a particular user can create a new virtual machine and then install the trial product again and continue using for another 30 days. This way the user can have unlimited amount of time to use the trial product. Companies might block the installation of trial products in virtual platform due to this particular reason. I would suggest you to drop an email to Adobe Support and request if there is an workaround available for this.

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