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    Designing a new DB cluster for Vcenter. Thoughts/Ideas please.

    StuartB201110141 Novice



      I have been asked to work out a replacement for  our current Vcenter SQL cluster. The cluster is a bit long in the tooth  and needs replacing.


      However, I have never really had  to size up a new SQL setup from scratch. Because I don't control the SQL  system at present, I also have no metrics to start from.


      There are plenty of docs on sizing of Vcenter itself etc, but I need to work out the requirements for the new SQL side of it.


      Can anyone offer any advice on where to start or point me to some good reading material?


      Just  to mention this is going to have to be a physical setup as the sheer  amount of guests (1,000s) and hosts (100s) means a dedicated clustered  solution for the max possible uptime.