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    vi-fastpass no longer works

    earl_e Novice

      For some reason, fastpass login from vMS seems to be  failing.  After issuing  "vifptarget -s <hostID>" and getting the expected command prompt, log in still fails.  I can, for instance, issue the example command "esxcfg-nics -l" but still have to enter a username and a password.  Log in fails with the error"error connecting to server at 'https://<ESXi host ID>/sdk/webService': perehaps host is not a vCenter or ESX server. "


      The ghettoVCBg2 log file reports""unable to log on by fastpass to <ESXi host ID> may be offline or unreachable".  However, this is the vMA's host, so it is definitely online.


      The host is definitely reachable and viewable via vSphere.


      A vmacredentials.xml file exists on the vMA machine.


      This failure is new.  Previous backups have executed just fine.


      We are using ESXi 4.1.0, build 348481

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          earl_e Novice

          The problem turned out to be a failure of the vSwitch service.   I er booted the box and now everything is fine.  Does anyone know how to restart the service without rebooting?

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            vmbru Enthusiast

            I am currently out of the office on vacation.  Please call 513-763-1822 for any urgent Kemba related technical issues.  Thank you.




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