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    April VMUG Event

    scottjones74 Lurker

      Wilmington's next VMUG is April 12th. I have scheduled Hewlett Packard to be our sponsor for this event and we are going to have a theme centered around storage.

      HP is excited to share some of their experiences, VM will be there go discuss some storage related headaches, and we will have a few customers give a presentation as well. The event will be held at the same spot as last time, Lower Cape Fear Hospice, so I thank them for the event space. Get the word out and get people signed up, More info to come and we will soon have a new webpage VMUG.com/wilmington its not up yet but will be soon.


      If you are interested in presenting now or in the future, please let me know.  Dont forget to sign up to the event, join our linked in group, and the Facebook page coming soon.