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    pink/purple screen, could not start pcpu 1

    shadynet2 Lurker



      I am having a problem with an ESXi test machine.

      As this one is not productive at all but used for testing, I still would like to get it running again.

      Hardware is:

      Intel Pentium G620

      Asrock H61M/U3S3

      8 GB RAM

      4GB USB Flash drive for Hypervisor

      1TB local storage

      Intel NIC


      Turned everything off in the BIOS which isn't needed (USB 3, SATA 3, LPT and RS232).

      NX is turned on, VT is working.


      Okay, so what's happening: refer to the picture attached, it shows the error (could not start pcpu 1)


      What I've done: installed it, worked with it for a few days, installed some VMs (Debian, W2k8 R2), tested it. Worked flawlessly.

      I've moved it from the location where I installed it and placed it one room away, next to the switch. Plugged in power and LAN, booted, pink/purple screen

      I can't find anything on the internet referring to that specific error which leads me to success.


      Does anyone have an idea?



      Edit: Happens while "loading scheduler" appears on screen