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    Why did I not to see the HA Advanced Options in VC?

    DannyHung Lurker



      As title why did I not to see the HA Advanced Options in VC?


      I use the ESXi 5.0,504890 Version.


      I had check this from KB,but really have not to see at this version.


      Please help me to check it,thanks.






      As below is from KB,but I cannot see Advanced Options!!!


      The Picture is capture from my VC.


      Applying a VMware HA customization

      To access the various customizations available:
      1. Login to vCenter Server with VMware Infrastructure/vSphere Client as an administrator.
      2. Right-click the Cluster in the Inventory.
      3. Click VMware HA.
      4. Click the Advanced Options button.
      5. Enter Option and Value fields as appropriate (see below).
      6. Click OK.
      7. Click OK again.
      8. Wait for the Reconfigure Cluster task to complete and then right-click the Cluster again from the Inventory.
      9. Click Properties.
      10. Disable VMware HA and wait for the Reconfiguration Cluster task(s) to complete.
      11. Right-click the cluster and Enable VMware HA to have the settings take effect.






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