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    openSSL certificate verification

    kef461 Lurker


      I have seen others talk about this issue but they never stated what resolved their problem.



      Problem: When you do a connect.pl from the Perl utilities and get Error: Server version unavailable at 'https://asciesx1/sdk/vimService.wsdl'. If you do a wget it returns.



      16:02:15  https://asciesx1/sdk/vimService.wsdl

      Resolving asciesx1...

      Connecting to asciesx1||:443... connected.

      ERROR: cannot verify asciesx1's certificate, issued by `/C=US/ST=California/L=Palo Alto/O=VMware, Inc./emailAddress=ssl-certificates@vmware.com/OU=VMware ESX Server Certificate/CN=asciesx1/unstructuredName=1250522187,564d7761726520496e632e':

        Self-signed certificate encountered.

      To connect to asciesx1 insecurely, use `--no-check-certificate'.

      Unable to establish SSL connection.



      I have tried to configure openssl and give the ca certificate to the client machine so that it could use it for verifying. These are self-signed certificates.



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