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    P2V taking a long time to complete

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      To all,


      We just deployed ESXi v5 at our facility, and will be moving our production servers to our VM environment this week. Prior to moving production servers, I am trying to convert a XP Pro desktop to a VM. The desktop will need to have a 75GB hard drive, so I set the C drive on the vm up to be 100GB.


      I started a P2V on 3/3/2012 at 3:52 pm cst, and as of today, the converter is showing that it still needs 22 hours to complete. Prior to this test, we ran a P2V on a Win7 Pro laptop, and it took about 52 min for 25 GB.


      I looked at perf mon in vCenter for each of our two hosts, and nothing is standing out at me indicating that there is a problem. We have a SAN on the back end, and it does not appear to have latency issues either.


      The XP Pro desktop is only using 2% of the CPU, and there is plenty of RAM available as well. Network utilization on the desktop is a .5% on a 1Gbps NIC.

      Virus scan software has been removed from the desktop for the P2V, and I ran a defrag prior as well.


      So, what are the best practices in determining why this is taking so long to convert?


      Thank you in advance