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    Backing up on NFS problem with lock file.

    davide_p Lurker
      I'm running ghettoVCBg2 from vMA nightly to successful completion for some virtual machines. 
      Only Vcenter Server Appliance guest fails. In the log the job shows as completed.
      I'm running ESXi 5.0.0 build 469512, previusly modified the script doing a global search/replace as follow ($vima_ver eq "4.1.0") --> ($vima_ver eq "4.1.0" || $vima_ver eq "5.0.0").  My backup datastore is NFS, and the OS is Windows 2003 Std 32-bit. 
      The dryrun Logfile :
      The debug Logfile :
      Relevant configurations of ghettoVCBg2:
      After all there there is a .lock file in the NFS Backup directory as you can see in the pic attacched.
      Trying to restore the guest the filesystem results as corrupted.
      Thanks for your help.