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    Infrastructure Navigator licensing asset not showing

    Erik Bussink Expert

      I've now deployed twice the vCenter Infrastructure Navigator appliance. I see the Navigator getting registered in the vCenter Web Client, as I have the Navigator Tab and the System Management/Navigator configuration (Enable Discovery & Uninstall).


      Yet the Infrastructure Navigator does not register itself in the vCenter Licensing as an asset and so I cannot add the license.


      I have to uninstall the Infrastructure Navigator and restart from scratch. Is there a way to force the Infrastructure Navigator to register itself with the vCenter Licensing ?




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          Hot Shot

          Usually a redployment is needed.  This should take approximately four minutes bepending on network latency.  You can try rebooting the Navigator virtual appliance either through the vSphere Client, console or SSH (using init 6) to see if perhaps there was a temporary problem contacting the vCenter server.


          Also, verify that the Navigator virtual appliance is communicating on a network that would allow access to the vCenter server.

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            Hot Shot

            It the above doesn't work, this may alleviate the problem.


            1. Shut down the Navigator appliance
            2. Restart the vSphere Web Client service
            3. Wait for about 6 or 7 minutes
            4. Start the Navigator appliance
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              dfamorato Novice

              I have the same problem.


              I am going mad over this, because I've redeployed multiple times and still no luck


              I've restarted vSphere Web service, i restarded the whole vCenter machine and still not working.


              The VIN and vCenter are in the same network without any firewall to it.


              I can connect to the web client, see the Navigator tab, but can't start the scanning because I can't apply the license

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                We are aware of this issue and we are researching for a permanent solution for this.

                We are also checking how we work around this so our customers wouldn’t need to wait for a release cycle.


                In some cases the reason is miscommunication between Navigator and the vSphere client, and therefore restarting the services works as a workaround.

                Apparently there are other reasons where it happens and restarting the services doesn’t work; in one of the incidents cleaning up the old license server left behind from previous vSphere versions works as a workaround.


                I understand the inconvenience and I’ll keep you updated with any of our research outcome.




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                  Can you please confirm you are able to see Navigator tab in the web client? If you can, what is the vSphere .net (the legacy) client version you are using? We researched and believe that .net version 5.0.0 Build 434157 doesn't encounter the licensing asset issue.


                  Thanks for co-operating,


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                    dfamorato Novice



                    I can see the Navigator tab using the vSphere Web Client. I can also go to System Management > Navigator


                    Currently my vShepere client is Version 5.0.0 Build 455964, which is the latest availabe from VMware website


                    My VMware vCenter Server is Version 5.0.0 Build 455964


                    Here are some screenshots to show you what I can see:







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                      Engineering have completed researching this case and found it is related to Navigator and VC communication threads issue.


                      In this scenario, Navigator is using the same threads to register the plug-in and also for the licensing service; in some cases Navigator receives a null connection to the licensing service, and therefore its asset doesn’t appear in the licensing window.


                      Since threads pool synchronization depends on timing, some deployments encounter this issue while others don’t.


                      In order to work around this we need to reset the threads and there are several ways we do that.

                      The most useful and easy way to run it is by restarting the Navigator engine service (rather than the VM). The other ways require forcing the licensing service, which I prefer engineering do that in a webex call.


                      I know you might already went though restart the appliance and even redeploy Navigator; however I’m afraid this triggers the same sync issue; when restarting only the engine service, Navigator runs the license registration process that previously failed.


                      Before restarting the engine, please make sure you are using the supported .net VC client version 5.0.0 Build 434157 or above.


                      Here is how we restart the Navigator’s engine (through ssh connection as root user): monit restart vadm-engine

                      The restart usually takes few minutes to complete, we can verify it by the engine log (/var/log/vadm/engine.log) or by monit command (monit summary)


                      Please let me know how this works for you, if you still encounter this we will schedule a webex call where engineering will take a look and use the other forcing ways.


                      One comment regarding permanently fixing this:

                      As part of quality improvement effort, in v1.1 we’ve implemented a different mechanism to maintain these threads, and therefore this issue is no longer related.




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                        dfamorato Novice

                        Glad to tell you that the proposed steps allowed me to successfully add the license and start discovery


                        Thank you so much !

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                          Erik Bussink Expert

                          Thanks a lot Nir. Your procedure worked great.

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                            JGHartET Lurker

                            This worked for me. Thanks.

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                              Thanks all for your feedback.



                              As VIN 1.x customers I’m pleased to update you we are rolling out 2.0 beta program!


                              In this build we designed Navigator to map your environment in a (multi-tier) Application context, so it is easier for you to manage it. You can either add your Application definitions or let Navigator discovers them automatically.

                              Also, Navigator is now supporting vCOPs monitoring use cases, which leverages your benefit using vCOPs solution. This feature populates vCOPs with the multi-tier Application data Navigator discovers.


                              Here you can find a short demo we’ve created; in this video you’ll see how simple and smart it is using the Application context discovery.

                              Please note that the video displays UI mockups and therefore the UI you’ll run might be slight different; anyway, this is our roadmap. 




                              What’s next?

                              The beta program starts on August 8th; I’m hoping that this time frame enables you adding more Applications to your environment. As you could see in the video, the more varied your environment is, the more value you get from the beta.


                              Some more technical prerequisites below:


                              • VC version: 5.0 U1 (latest), or 5.1 RC
                              • NGC: 5.1 RC
                              • Other Virtual Machine resources: 2 vCPU, 4GB Memory, 20 GB Disk space and 1Gbps Networking 


                              During this program we will appreciate your co-operation in sending us logs and feedback.


                              If you are interested in applying this program, could you please send me an email and share some information on your beta environment? How many hosts and VMs, what Applications are running and whether you are also running a vCOPs 5.6 beta build (preferred).


                              I hope to see you on board,