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    Cannot Copy from VMFS 3 to VMFS 5 ?

    Wad4iPod Novice



      Using Fast SCP or any other method I can copy from VMFS 3 to VMFS 3 datatstores.


      I have vCenter 5, 1 host ESXi 4 and 1 Host ESXi 5.


      The ESXi 4 has a local Datastore @ VMFS 3.  It also has access via iSCSi to 2 different NAS Datastores (VMFS3).


      The ESXi 5 host has 2 local VMFS 3 Datastores.  It also has access to 2 different NAS Datastores (VMFS3 - same as above).



      This is the second time I have attempted to updgrade my environment from 4.1 to 5.  Previously I wiped to 5 and went back to 4.1 and VMFS 3.  Everything works fine with 4.1 and there's no errors running for months.


      Here's what I believe is happening to cause me grief in the 4.1>5 process.


      For some reason, whatever the process is doing, when the files are copied (the copy completes) the process which closes/.finalizes the copy fails.  I am not sure what this may be.  Flagging files, flushing a cache, updating permisions, whatever (someone more knowledgable than I may know) it cannot be completed.


      What I see on the ESXi console when using SCP * is - the copy completes at 100% (each file has the same result regardless of size or type).  Then a Timeout error for the file.  The copy continues to the next file and the same 100% then timeout error.


      I can copy from the VMFS3 NAS to the local ESXi 5 Datastore VMFS3 using SCP without issue.


      I am convinced this has to do with VMFS 5.


      I may have left out some detail that may provide more insight.  Let me know if there's more details needed and I'll be happy to provide them.

      Any help/hint/etc would be greatly appreciated.

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          Shakaal Hot Shot



          do a VI client to the vCenter, browse the source Datastore, select the VM/folder that you want to  move, right click on the VM/folder and select copy/move as per your convinience. A pop will appear, select the destiniation Daatstore. this should do it.


          however following could be an issue:


          1. VM's are powered on 4.x host and you are trying to move them to VMFS5 Datastore, as 4.x will not be aware of VMFS5 file system Structure.


          try doing a VI Client to vSphere 5 host in case of no availability of VC, but vCenter5 Will be of help in this case.


          Or try downloading the Vm's to your local machine using VI client to the ESX hosts, in case Datstores are not shared, once downloaded then again do a VI client this time to vSphere5 host and uplaod the Files.




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            Wad4iPod Novice

            tried the copy using the VI at the host.


            Tried a Migrate using v5 Vcenter.  Been at 92% for a long time.  Believe it will fail.  Stay tuned.


            I am seeing the i/o latency errors discussed in this thread.  I'm grabbing at the Live-lock or something in that vein as my problem.. I mention this because it seems logical the in my scenario- the files are copied and the final 'let go" process or similar cannot 'let go'.



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              Wad4iPod Novice

              Well.....  Worked with VMWare support.  Measured performance across the datastores using esxtop.  Turns out while my Netgear NAS, which worked fine with 4.1 wasn't compatible, or vise versa, with 5.0.

              I have since configured my Netgear NAS as NFS.  I guess there's something to be said to using NFS as the default Datastore with VMWare...

              Would have rather went VMFS 5 - but - things are running well on NFS..


              Moral of this story---Just cause it works fine with one version doesn't mean you don't have to be on the HCL for the next..


              Thanks for the help..